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At VISION54 we are passionate about two things: HAPPY + BETTER golfers! Our intention is to support golfers to play better ON the golf course and to enjoy the game more. We believe in everyone’s unique possibilities. We believe every golfer is unique in how they play HAPPY + BETTER golf. We want to support you in discovering what is your best recipe for great golf. We know this can be accomplished more efficiently than how most golfers go about it today.

For as long as the game has been played, the great players of the game have had different looking technique. What they all have had in common is that they know how to manage themselves physically, mentally and emotionally on the golf course. Regardless of age, handicap or experience, all of us can learn these skills to enhance our game. At VISION54 these playing skills are fundamentals of the game – how to commit to decisions, how to create a performance state, how to manage the variability of you and the game, how to manage the emotions you feel on the course, and how to manage your tempo and tension level.

We believe to reach your greatest potential and create the grandest version of yourself as a player of the game, you need to address all that is real to your experience when you are on the golf course. Some might call this a holistic approach… we call it the reality of golf. We don’t want your performance and enjoyment held back by any blind spots or an insufficient view of the game and all of its components.

Of course you need functional technique and fitted equipment. You also need to know what your body can and cannot do. With only these components you will still fall short of what you are capable of. You need to learn and master skills that some call “the art of playing the game.” You need to know how to integrate these skills into playing on the golf course.

VISION54 has four tracks through which it delivers this integrated approach to achieving HAPPY + BETTER Golf 54GOLF, 54CAMPUS, 54COACH, and 54THINK. At the heart of each is a core belief in possibilities. Each track is designed around the VISION54 beliefs that all of us perform better when we learn to manage our physical, mental and emotional state, and when we become our own best coach.
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54 GOLF Program

The 54GOLF programs are designed to benefit all levels of players and offer a unique learning experience. These programs have had a profound influence on how thousands of golfers now play, practice and enjoy the game of golf around the world. 54GOLF has been named the #1 golf school in the US by GOLF Magazine.

We want golfers to learn how to incorporate the human skills of the game. As a human being who plays golf you need to learn how to run and manage your human operating system ON the golf course. Only working on your technique on the range will fall short of providing you the foundation and skills to play better on the golf course and enjoy the game more.

We want you to learn how to master the variability of the game. Trying to be more consistent leads to absolute frustration. Why? Because it’s not achievable! What is possible is to have a sufficient and complete set of skills to manage yourself… physically, mentally and emotionally. Armed with a more complete set of skills you are confident and competent to manage the inevitable challenges as they come up as you play on the course.

We want you to nurture your spirit of the game. We want you to learn how to become your own best coach. The performance science couldn’t be clearer. Sustainable performance is achieved by you becoming more self-aware, self-referencing, and self-regulating. The VISION54 Essential Playing Skills are rooted in this science.

There are various 54GOLF programs designed to suit different learning approaches: > Essential Playing Skills > One-to-One Coaching > 54GOLF for Juniors

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54CAMPUS Program

54CAMPUS is an extension of our world-renowned golf school to include this newly-developed Player Performance Campus designed for elite juniors, amateurs and professionals. The 54CAMPUS programs are longer-term, immersive environments where players will integrate their technique with the human skills through performance practice and on course training.

We believe in always looking at each players’ possibilities, not their limitations. Our intention is to support each player to access their own unique ways of playing great golf. To coach players towards independence in an environment where they learn the tools to be their own best coach. To access a growth mindset, where you always look for effort and learnings in any situation. To develop in an integrated way – physically, technically, mentally, emotionally, socially and through your spirit of the game.

We’re offering two different programs, at our home base, Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, to meet the unique needs of elite juniors, amateurs and professionals: > Integrated Training for Juniors > Players’ Harbor

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54 COACH Program

The 54COACH programs are designed for coaches and teachers who want to apply the VISION54 approach to their own field of expertise. Our domain of coaching is golf but this training is for anyone interested in human performance and coaching. In 2014, these programs received a 100% rating by instructors who stated the 54COACH training “significantly added to their skills,” as reported by the Proponent Group.

We believe performance in life and golf is multi-dimensional and therefore needs to be approached from an integrated view. In golf the result is influenced by the technique, of course. But to get to the heart of the matter the coach needs to look deeper at the mental, physical and emotional state of the performer. The social context and implications also need to be addressed. And perhaps most importantly, the research on motivation and passion needs to be applied. What is the performer's spirit of the game?

We believe every golfer is unique and we support each player to discover more efficiently his or her best way to playing better ON the course and enjoying the game more. We want every golfer to become their own best coach. These programs are for those of you who share these beliefs.

We offer two different 54COACH programs designed to address specific areas of coaching expertise: > Coaching for the Future > Tournament Coaching

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54THINK employs the essential VISION54 principles in a way that companies and groups can examine the possibilities and potential of individuals and teams, as well as each person's ability to be their own best coach. Custom presentations are tailored to the audience to reveal a unique and fascinating view of human performance and development, the concept of moving from good to great, the organization of success and the state of peak performance.

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