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54 CAMPUS Program

54CAMPUS draws on our years of experience coaching players to win tournaments, become the best in the game, manage themselves on the golf course, manage variability and enjoy the game more. We’ve created a full-time curriculum for players to access their performance possibilities and to grow and develop as human beings. Our 54CAMPUS programs will focus on developing ALL the skills (swing, body, mind and emotions) needed to be happy and a better player on the golf course.
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Technique + Fitness + Human Skills

54CAMPUS Program

Full Time Program – Integrated Training for Juniors

During this full time, integrated junior program, training will take place 5 days a week for a total of 96 hours per month. We have created an environment and a culture to foster self-awareness, self-referencing, and self-regulating skills. The intention of the training is to build a broad base of competence for elite competitive golf. Our coaching framework is designed to encourage and enable juniors to develop as individuals and achieve their potential as golfers.

Participants: Competitive high school golfers, hdcp 12 and lower

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54CAMPUS Program

Extended Stay Program – Players’ Harbor

Our newest offering, created with competitive amateurs, professionals, juniors and teams in mind, is called Players’ Harbor. We’ve created an environment where you will integrate your technique with the essential human skills through performance practice and on course training. You can come into the harbor for a short amount of time, a longer stay, or make routine stops… whatever works for you as a unique, competitive golfer to maintain peak performance out on the golf course, and then leave with the skills for self-awareness, self-referencing, and self-regulating to be your own best coach as you play your best golf.

Participants: Competitive amateurs, professionals, juniors and teams

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Talking Stick Golf Club
Scottsdale, Arizona

Lynn Marriott, Pia Nilsson,
Kristine Reese, Tiffany Yager,
Zach Theut, Michael Pinkey,
Dr. Jimmy Yuan, Spencer Tatum
and more to come…

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 Integrated Training for Juniors >>

Extended Stay Program –
Players’ Harbor >>


54CAMPUS program
54CAMPUS on course coaching


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“In working with Lynn and Pia, I was delighted to experience their mastery at coaching human potential and achieving extraordinary performance in golf and life. Their belief and work with integrating the physical, mental and emotional through intention and practice is a model for the future.”
–  Michael Murphy, author of Golf in the Kingdom, The Life We Are Given (with George Leonard) and co-founder of the Esalen Institute

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“VISION54 is a phenomenal concept, it’s message is simple yet often overlooked, the fact that you can accomplish and do anything, the possibilities are endless and limitless. The concept of VISION54 is such a refreshing outlook on golf and life. Pia and Lynn are the most positive people I know, and the energy that they exude is amazing, they make you want to be better.”
– Brittany Lang, LPGA Tour Player

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