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Essential Playing Skills Virtual Golf School

We’ve assembled the following Frequently Asked Questions to answer your questions:

What will I learn?
This Virtual Golf School was designed to complement our books and in-person golf programs. Through the online curriculum, you will learn:

  • Human Skills – these 9 performance skills complement your technical skills to bring your game to life so you can play your best golf
  • Possibilities – you’ll be able to see the good things that are going on in your game right now and all the possibilities ahead
  • Unique Recipe – discover and create the things that work best for you so you can be your own best coach on the golf course
  • Variability – you’ll learn the skills to manage all the variability that occurs in a round of golf

Best of all … you’ll be a BETTER + HAPPY golfer!
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How long does it take?
We’ll lead you through each of the nine performance skills with videos, audios, slides and lots of exercises. Each skill typically takes about 30-40 minutes to go through with an additional 2-3 hours of optional exercises to do outside on the golf course.
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Where can I view it?
The online curriculum can be viewed on a desktop computer or any of your mobile devices (most tablets and phones), provided you have an internet connection. The on-course exercises included with each skill are downloadable .pdfs that you can print and take with you to practice either on the range or on the golf course.
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What are the required materials?
Aside from your clubs and enthusiasm, there are no required materials. We do highly recommend a notebook to keep track of your discoveries and “ah-ha’s” along the way. In addition, we’ve put together a MYGAME bundle in the WebShop that contains a notebook & pen, and all the tools used in the online curriculum so you can use them yourself as you practice the skills on your own.
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How can I get the most out of the online curriculum?
It is highly recommended that you view the skills in the order in which they are presented to fully understand each one and how they fit together. The curriculum was created to be highly customizable so you can work at your own pace and choose what you want to work on and how you want to practice. Whether you choose to work on one skill at a time or go through the entire course and then go back to specific areas, the choice is entirely up to you. We do recommend running through the course files (either one skill at a time or the curriculum in it’s entirety) first on a desktop or tablet to maximize and benefit from the dynamic content presentation and get a good grasp of each concept. After that initial viewing, you can review and practice as often as you’d like. We are big proponents of on-course practice and encourage you to do most of the work on the range and / or on the golf course to really dig deep into each skill.
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What happens when I complete the online curriculum?
Upon completion, in addition to all the downloadable exercise plans for each skill, you will also receive the slide decks for each series so you can review the curriculum as often as you’d like as a refresher. We’ll also give you a downloadable (mp3) audio summary of each performance skill that you can take with you to remind you of the key concepts. Our intention for you would be to take all of these tools and the new skills you have learned and to continue practicing them and making them a part of your game that you take with you every time you step on the golf course.
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Why limit access to the online curriculum to one year?
The online curriculum is just the beginning. Over the one year period you’ll have unrestricted access to view all the online lessons as often as you’d like on your desktop or mobile devices and get clear on the concepts. Since the lesson work has been designed to actually be done on the golf course and / or practice area, you’ll have all the exercise plans, slide decks and audio summaries to have in hand to continue practicing these skills for the rest of your golfing life. They are yours to keep for future reference and ongoing practice.
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What if I have questions about the curriculum?
We are here to help! If you have questions regarding the Virtual Golf School that have not been answered here, please feel free to email us at Once within the curriculum, if you have questions or comments specific to the content, you can either email us or leave a comment or question in the comment section beneath each lesson. It’s a great place to share with the MYGAME learning community.
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Is there any in-person coaching available as a followup?
YES!! Please check out Our Programs pages for a complete schedule of available in-person golf programs, coaching and practice options. There are many options for different skill and commitment levels, and each is designed to help you understand, learn and apply the nine performance skills to play your best golf.
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MYGAME Virtual Golf School

Learn the human performance skills necessary to unlock the key to your greatness on the golf course …
on demand, on your schedule, at your pace.

What’s Included?
Complete Curriculum
9 human performance skills, over 6 hours of guided instruction, over 40 hours of actionable on-course exercises, and a complete digital training library to continue practicing these skills for the rest of your golfing life.
Complete Curriculum: $600

Individual Series
3 human performance skills from the Series of your choosing, over 2 hours of guided instruction, over 12 hours of actionable on-course exercises, and a complete digital training library.
Individual Series: $250

Pricing Details >>

Lesson Demo

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