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Essential Playing Skills Virtual Golf School

We’re bringing our highly acclaimed golf programs to a screen near you!
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Our Virtual Golf School has been created to expand our golf program offerings to your desktop and mobile devices and compliment our books and in-person golf programs. We’ve taken the lessons we teach in our golf schools and turned them into an interactive program that you can access anywhere. The first course, Essential Playing Skills, consists of 9 modules which will teach you the essential human skills to play better ON the golf course and enjoy the game more. Each module includes interactive lessons,  video demonstrations, audio Coaches’ Tips, and downloadable exercise plans that you can take to the practice area and course and put into action what you’ve learned. You’ll have extended access to each course so you can revisit and review specific areas of  the lesson to customize the learning to meet your specific goals. We want you to be a BETTER + HAPPY golfer!
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Key Learning Outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the “Reality of Golf”
  • Deepening the connection of your Human Skills to your Technique
  • Discovering the formula that unlocks your best golf – your MY54

Who is this for?

  • Everyone! Young, old, men, women, newer golfers as well as professionals, teachers & coaches
  • If you want to relive & refresh your VISION54 learning and experience from an in-person program
  • If you want to learn the Essential Playing Skills for the first time
  • If you are a teacher or a coach and want to get support in how to coach and train these performance skills

Course Curriculum

We will lead you through the curriculum which is divided into three series, each comprised of three specific performance skills:

Signature Swing Series

green square  Balance

green square  Tempo

green square  Tension Awareness

Performance Routine Series

green square  Play Box

green square  Think Box

green square  Memory Box

Best You Series

green square  Emotional Resilience

green square  Managing Self-Talk

green square  Master of Variability

MYGAME Virtual Golf School

Learn the human performance skills necessary to unlock the key to your greatness on the golf course …
on demand, on your schedule, at your pace.

What’s Included?
Complete Curriculum
9 human performance skills, over 6 hours of guided instruction, over 40 hours of actionable on-course exercises, and a complete digital training library to continue practicing these skills for the rest of your golfing life.
Complete Curriculum: $600

Individual Series
3 human performance skills from the Series of your choosing, over 2 hours of guided instruction, over 12 hours of actionable on-course exercises, and a complete digital training library.
Individual Series: $250

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Lesson Demo

Check it out for yourself. Take a MYGAME lesson for a spin. Demo >>

MYGAME Lesson Demo

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