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54 CAMPUS Program

54CAMPUS draws on our years of experience coaching players to win tournaments, become the best in the game, manage themselves on the golf course, manage variability and enjoy the game more. We’ve created a full-time curriculum for players to access their performance possibilities and to grow and develop as human beings. Our 54CAMPUS programs will focus on developing ALL the skills (swing, body, mind and emotions) needed to be happy and a better player on the golf course.
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Technique + Fitness + Human Skills

54CAMPUS Program

Extended Stay Program – Players’ Harbor

Our newest offering, created with competitive amateurs, professionals, juniors and teams in mind, is called Players’ Harbor. Rooted in the metaphor of boats coming home to a harbor for maintenance and resupply, our Players’ Harbor is a place for players to visit as you wish to learn a new skill, master an existing skill set, prepare for a tournament, or work on whatever you need to hone your competence to play your best golf. We’ve created an environment where you will integrate your technique with the essential human skills through performance practice and on course training. Just as a boat was built to sail out on the water, golfers were created to play out on the golf course. You can come into the harbor for a short amount of time, a longer stay, or make routine stops… whatever works for you as a unique, competitive golfer to maintain peak performance out on the course, and then leave with the skills for self-awareness, self-referencing, and self-regulating to be your own best coach as you play your best golf.

The Players’ Harbor program is reserved as weekly blocks of time consisting of 30 hours of coach-led training per week and VISION54 learning materials.

What it is

The best week of complete golf training… ever!

We will not change your swing, we will train you to be a better golfer / player. This is the place to learn to PLAY better and manage yourself ON the course. You will train to be your own best coach through self-awareness, self-referencing, and self-regulating. You will learn to integrate the human skills of the game with your technique. You will learn practice quality. You will learn how to manage yourself on the golf course. You will identify your unique way of playing great golf. You will create a blueprint of how to access the super golfer inside of you.

Program Details

Competitive amateurs, professionals, juniors and teams.

Available Weeks & Times
Program takes place 5 days a week
Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm (lunch break: noon-1pm)

Weekly reservations available one week at a time, or reserve multiple weeks in advance.
Contact us for additional date options.


July 19-23

August 29 - September 2

October 24-28

November 7-11

November 24-26

December 17-21

December 27-31


January 3-7

January 23-27

February 27 - March 3

March 27-31

April 3-7

April 17-21

May 8-12

May 23-27

June 1-2

June 5-9

June 11-15

First Week: $2,500
30 hours of VISION54 training with coaching support

Each Week After: $2,000 per week
30 hours of VISION54 training with coaching support


  • 5 day a week program
  • 30 hours of organized practices and on course training per week, coaching support, use of practice area and on course fees
  • Daily exercises to complete with on course training each afternoon
  • Training booklet and notebook
  • All coaching and scheduling of training by VISION54 coaches

A la carte Options Available

  • VISION54 Mastery Classes
  • Added personal coaching time
  • Club fitting
  • Technical support
  • Fitness with Advantage Training
  • Medical evaluation with Dr. Jimmy Yuan

For further information & reservation details, please email

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Extended Stay Program – Players’ Harbor

Talking Stick Golf Club
Scottsdale, Arizona

Lynn Marriott, Pia Nilsson,
Kristine Reese, Tiffany Yager,
and Zach Theut

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Talking Stick Golf Club

Talking Stick Golf Club

54CAMPUS Advisory Team

Beth Brown, Ph.D.
LPGA Member, Managing Director,
Chapter Programs & Research,
The First Tee

Dr. Debbie Crews
Research Consultant and
Sport Psychology Consultant

Rudy Duran
PGA Professional

Lance Gill
Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board

Dr. Bhrett McCabe
Sports & Performance Psychologist / Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. William O’Neil
Assistant Headmaster,
Academic Dean K-12, and Golf Coach at University School in Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Al Petitpas
Professor of Psychology and Director of Center for Youth Development & Research at Springfield College, Massachusetts

Dr. Greg Rose
Co-Founder of Titleist Performance Institute

Dr. Ernst B. Zwick, MD

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