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54 CAMPUS Program

54CAMPUS draws on our years of experience coaching players to win tournaments, become the best in the game, manage themselves on the golf course, manage variability and enjoy the game more. We’ve created a full-time curriculum for players to access their performance possibilities and to grow and develop as human beings. Our 54CAMPUS programs will focus on developing ALL the skills (swing, body, mind and emotions) needed to be happy and a better player on the golf course.
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Technique + Fitness + Human Skills

54CAMPUS Program

Full Time Program – Integrated Training for Juniors

During this full time, integrated junior program, training will take place 5 days a week for a total of 96 hours per month. We have created an environment and culture to foster self-awareness, self-referencing, and self-regulating skills. The intention of the training is to build a broad base of competence for elite competitive golf. Our coaching framework is designed to encourage and enable juniors to develop as individuals and achieve their potential as golfers.

The program curriculum includes coaching in all areas of the game:

Physical + Technical + Mental + Emotional + Social + Spirit of the Game

  • On course coaching and training
  • Technical development
  • Human Skills of the game – Physical, Mental and Emotional training
  • Fitness
  • Tournament observations and guidance
  • Peak performance training
  • Quality practice based on the latest practice research
  • Etiquette and rules of the game
  • Managing social dynamics and staying focused on things under your control
  • Visions and goal-setting
  • Athletic development
  • Equipment fitting
  • Nutrition
  • Stats
  • Parent training

Program Content

>> Each day’s practice will be divided into four areas:

  • Technique
  • Human Skills
  • Performance
  • Player’s Choice

>> Each day will include a mix of full swing, short game, and putting with on course practice on most days.

>> Each week will focus on a specific theme based on our 9 Essential Playing Skills. The focus for the first 8 weeks will be:

Week 1

Play Box

Week 2

Memory Box

Week 3

Think Box

Week 4

Performance Routine – bringing it all together

Week 5

Balance, Tempo, and Tension Awareness

Week 6

Emotional Resilience

Week 7

Managing Self-Talk

Week 8

Master of Variability

>> Sometimes, players will be integrated into the VISION54 programs: 54PLAY (9 holes on course training) and 54PRACTICE (cross training stations).

>> Each week will include an added Mastery session with topics such as:

  • Goal-setting
  • Rules of golf
  • Giving speeches
  • Creating a vision
  • Volunteering with The First Tee
  • TED Talks
  • Nutrition
  • Social events

>> A session specifically geared towards the golfer’s parents and / or support team will be included twice per semester.

Enrollment Details

Competitive high school junior golfers, hdcp 12 and lower

Acceptance is limited and by application only.

Days & Times
Program takes place 5 days a week
Tuesday - Friday: 2pm - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm

$6000 per month for all program activities
(If participating in Stay & Study, Rancho Solano tuition & boarding fees are additional)


  • 24 hours of coach-led training per week (96 hours of training per month)
  • 2 days a week of fitness sessions with Advantage Training (8 hours per month)
  • Golf fitness medical check with Dr. Jimmy Yuan each semester
  • Regular equipment checks
  • Access to Sunday’s range and on course activities
  • VISION54 learning materials
  • Golf bag and apparel
  • Optional: Play on Rancho Solano’s high school golf team
  • Optional: Play in Arizona local junior golf tournaments

Stay & Study

Rancho Solano Preparatory School (including IB programs)
9180 East Via de Ventura
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
480 646 8200

Options for housing available through Rancho Solano Preparatory School

How to Apply?
For further information & application details, please email

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Full Time Program –
Integrated Training for Juniors

Talking Stick Golf Club
Scottsdale, Arizona

Lynn Marriott, Pia Nilsson,
Kristine Reese, Tiffany Yager,
Zach Theut, Michael Pinkey,
Dr. Jimmy Yuan, Spencer Tatum
and more to come…

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VISION54 Program Instruction
Talking Stick Golf Club

54CAMPUS Advisory Team

Dr. Beth Brown
LPGA Member, Managing Director,
Chapter Programs & Research,
The First Tee

Dr. Debbie Crews
Research Consultant and
Sport Psychology Consultant

Rudy Duran
PGA Professional

Lance Gill
Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board

Dr. Bhrett McCabe
Sports & Performance Psychologist / Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. William O’Neil
Assistant Headmaster,
Academic Dean K-12, and Golf Coach at University School in Cleveland, Ohio

Dr. Al Petitpas
Professor of Psychology and Director of Center for Youth Development & Research at Springfield College, Massachusetts

Dr. Greg Rose
Co-Founder of Titleist Performance Institute

Dr. Ernst B. Zwick, MD
Co-Founder of Growmetry

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