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It all starts with a VISION!

The origin of VISION54 emanates from a core belief in possibilities, and by embracing the notion that every individual has unlimited and unique potential.

With this principle at its underpinning, VISION54 offers integrated coaching programs that increase performance and individual development for golfers, for athletes, for coaches, for business – for life. VISION54 knows that golf is about more than just the grip, the stance and the swing. In fact, under the VISION54 principles, the golf swing is just one element of an integrated coaching approach that targets the complete golfer – the whole person.

By bringing this refreshing and evolutionary outlook to the experience of learning, practicing, coaching and playing the game of golf, VISION54 presents a clear and defined path that allows each golfer to identify and reach their full potential.

Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson, company co-founders and creators of the VISION54 approach, are both internationally renowned experts on the mechanics of the golf swing. However, what makes Marriott and Nilsson stand apart as unique coaches is their inherent VISION54 belief that the technical side of the game is just one of six essential elements that must be integrated to allow for peak performance. This is what elevates them from good to great – this is what defines them as Complete Game Coaches. They want all golfers who come for coaching to play better on the golf course and enjoy the game more. Marriott and Nilsson have supported players to more than 100 Tour wins and five different players have won major championships.

The belief that the physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spirit of the game elements of golf must come together in balance is at the very heart of the VISION54 coaching focus that has profoundly changed the game for so many players. This highly effective and successful learning approach is underpinned by the core VISION54 beliefs that:

  • Each individual has unlimited human potential.
  • Every golfer has his or her unique fingerprint of a golf swing.
  • Golf performance is about getting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.
  • Playing the game should be fulfilling and fun.

VISION54 knows that traditional golf instruction alone can make the game overly complicated for many golfers – often becoming the very obstacle to the remedy it proposes to deliver. By embracing the unique and unlimited potential of each individual player, and by applying integrated coaching principles, VISION54’s unique learning experience has produced enduring results for Tour professionals, competitive amateurs, recreational golfers, teaching professionals, and coaches alike.
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