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Our Golf Program
Get a feel for what happens during our VISION54 golf programs.

On Course Coaching
Let’s coach where the game is played. All learning happens best in the context of the game.

Coach Training
Experience what happens during our multi-day coach / teacher training. Learn golf, communication and human skills with the vision to enhance performance and a positive human development.

Managing Self-Talk
Lynn and golf school participant talking about ways of distracting habitual unproductive self-talk on the course.

Play under pressure: ‘Think Box – Play Box’ tactics
Lynn and Pia explain how to use a ‘Think Box’ and a ‘Play Box’ tactic to play better under pressure.

How a potato chip helps with pressure
Pia shares how practicing with a potato chip can help you perform under pressure on the course.

Short on practice time? Try six-swing warm-up
Pia shares three things to work on if you only have time for six swings before your round.

Build swing tempo to handle pressure
Lynn demonstrates a swing tempo practice drill to prepare upon swing for on course pressure.

Under pressure: How to deal with nerves
Pia and Lynn share techniques for dealing with nerves on the golf course.

Random practice, consistent play
Pia and Lynn teach how a random practice plan can actually benefit you.

How to commit to a shot
Pia teaches you how proper practice can lead you to commit fully to each shot on the course.

Improve focus on the course
Pia and Lynn demonstrate how a specific focus on the course can improve your entire game.

Practice for a purpose
Pia and Lynn show a fun game with cards to help you practice with a purpose.

Manage yourself on the course
Pia and Lynn teach how to manage yourself on the course with a few simple tools.

Try 10-tee trick for positive play
Pia says ten tees in your pocket during your next round can lead to better self-talk and lower scores.

Divide practice into thirds for better course play
Pia and Lynn demonstrate how an effective practice plan is broken down into thirds.

Build confidence on the putting green
Lynn shares two putting drills designed to give you confidence before your next round.

Practice pressure putting techniques
Lynn does jumping jacks on the putting green to show how practicing with adrenaline can benefit you.

Turn on glutes and quads
Pia and Lynn demonstrate a special walk and special swings to set you up for your most special round.

How to win
Lynn talks about how to win.

How to practice
Pia and Lynn show their ideas of how to practice.

Lynn Marriott

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