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Essential Playing Skills

Explore and learn while you play on course! There are 72 exercises to do while you PLAY on course to develop the skills needed to become a better player of the game.

Create a solid foundation for great performance on the golf course.

COMPLEMENT your technical practice with 8 Essential Playing Skills

MASTER and manage your performance state: physical, mental and emotional

LEARN and practice each skill while you PLAY on the golf course

EXPLORE Master of Variability™ – manage your MY54 and NOT54

Download the app to help you become a better player of the game!

VISION54 Figure of PossibilityEssential Playing Skills for On Course Practice

In this app, there are eight exercises for each Essential Playing Skill and Master of Variability™. You will practice them while you PLAY on the course. The best place to learn the Essential Playing Skills is always in the context of the game.

As you go through each of the exercises you can make notes about what works for you, insights you have, or any other important things you need to be aware of so you can reference it during rounds of golf. You can choose to do the exercises on just one hole or through nine holes.

To learn more about each Essential Playing Skill, we recommend that you read Play Your Best Golf Now. Remember that the Essential Playing Skills are meant to complement your technical skills. Technical skills and EPS together will give you a solid foundation for great performance on the golf course. The EPS exercises work no matter what your technical swing preference is.


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