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Are you playing golf from your THINK Box or your PLAY Box?
Pia talks with Jeff Pelizzaro about sorting through emotions and getting the ball in the hole.

Becoming a Coach (part 1)
Pia talks with Cordie Walker about her start in golf.

The origins and growth of VISION54 (part 2)
Pia talks with Cordie Walker about the very beginnings of VISION54.

The golf instruction paradigm shift (part 1)
Lynn talks with Cordie Walker about helping people play better golf.

Help GOLFERS – not golf swings (part 2)
Lynn talks with Cordie Walker about how she views teaching.

Teaching golf  “in context” (part 3)
Lynn talks with Cordie Walker about taking players onto the course.

The Spirit of Coaching
Pia talks with Peter Knight about her coaching philosophy.

Howard Hall on perfectionism
Lynn and Pia talk to Dr. Howard Hall about perfectionism.

Judy van Raalte on self talk
Lynn and Pia talk to Dr. Judy van Raalte about self talk.

Steve Danish on expectations
Lynn talks to Dr. Steve Danish about expectations.

Steve Danish on goals
Lynn and Pia talk to Dr. Steve Danish about goals.

Kjell Enhager on peak performance
Pia Nilsson talks to Kjell Enhager about peak performance.

Pia Nilsson
VISION54 co-founder Pia Nilsson talks on the theme “what are you going to do about it?”

Lynn Marriott
VISION54 co-founder Lynn Marriott talks about what a good swing is.

Dale Richardson
Dale Richardson talks about what he thinks is important in golf.

Robert Yang
Robert Yang is an expert on nutrition and training.

Bobby Foster
Bobby Foster is the creator of the Mental Golf Profile.

Pia Nilsson on structure with flexibility
VISION54 co-founder Pia Nilsson talks about having a structure with flexibility.

Suzann Pettersen
LPGA super star Suzann Pettersen chats with Lynn and Pia about how VISION54 Complete Game Coaching has benefited her game. (listen to all three parts)

Manuel de la Torre
One of the world’s greatest golf teachers, talks with Pia Nilsson.

Kjell Enhager discusses the concept of 54
Pia Nilsson talks with long-time friend and colleague.

Pia Nilsson interviews Dr. William O’Neil
Paying attention to balance and dimensionality in life.

A discussion with David Joy
World renowned golf historian and best known as “The Man Who Plays Old Tom Morris.”

Dr. Greg Rose
Co-founder of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) discusses the importance of physical fitness in golf.

A chat with Louise Suggs
Co-founder of the LPGA Tour and pioneer of the game of golf.

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