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Great golf is a balance of science and art.


Pace of Play


Pia in the Think BoxPace of play has been a hot topic of conversation lately. It’s a topic we at VISION54 care about greatly. As coaches of the game, we feel it’s incumbent upon us to support players to understand how this affects your performance and enjoyment of the game.


One of the VISION54 Human Skills, that particularly influences a player’s pace of play, is what we call the Think Box – the time you prepare and get ready for a shot.


We have seen this space get larger and take enormously more time for so many players. We are particularly concerned about this with the juniors we support who are learning the game and starting to compete more.


As the science around making a decision has expanded, players are almost obsessing about being sure not to miss anything: get the exact yardage – in a myriad of different ways; checking winds and slopes; making enough practice swings until it feels right; lining up the ball perfectly on the green; and on and on. We feel it’s getting totally out of hand and it makes players over-prepare and under-perform, as well as making the game way too slow.


Think BoxThe Think Box is not about doing the exact same steps, pattern or external ritual each time. The Think Box is about always stepping into the Play Box with internal trust and decisiveness.


Great decision-makers get some essential objective facts and then listen to their gut / instinct. Many players today overload on facts so they can’t make up their minds and they ignore or can’t sense what their gut is trying to communicate. The research on decision fatigue indicates this is happening a lot in many different domains.

Two things are important in the Think Box

We see the process of making a decision as a bell curve – what are essential facts and at what point has the player dipped into too much gathering of available data / information and blunted their internal intuitive signals?


Great golf is a balance of science and art. The objective facts can never take into account the wind changing while you are swinging, how the ball will bounce, your energy level, trust and commitment to your decision, your level of adrenaline, etc.…


Nobody we know wants to be slow … they are unaware or under-coached how to do it differently. For the future of your game and others, the more simple and efficient you keep your Think Box, the easier it is to play well for a whole round, a whole tournament, a whole season. Go for simplicity! :)



Drills for Skills


Find your sweet spot by exploring this:Rule #1 - What you focus on in a practice swing


>> Play nine holes without any facts: yardages, reading the greens … not even practice swings! The only thing you can do in the Think Box is use your senses. See and feel what club and shot you want to hit. On the greens, be present and sense how the ball will be rolling to the hole. What happens to your game doing this?


>> If you like making practice swings, how can you accomplish the intention of the practice swing or stroke in one attempt?


>> Play a few holes and make the fact-checking simple. For example: only get the yardage to the pin or middle of the green. Make a decision and then close your eyes for a few seconds to check with your gut if you trust that decision.


>> Shots around the green and putting is even more art than full shots. If you get a “go” signal telling you how to hit a chip, pitch, bunker shot or putt – GO – and don’t ruin your instinct by doing all the fact-checking.


To be a good decision-maker, you want the brain and the gut to come to an agreement. Learn to listen in.


Think Box Explorations


To continue exploring and mastering your Think Box, we recommend the on course exercises in our App, in our books, and in any of the digital training guides in the Self-Coaching section of our WebShop. Keep it simple!  WebShop >>


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